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Company Formation in Qatar

Quick, Reliable and Easy Company Formation in Qatar

Set up your business in Qatar without worrying about all the paperwork and formalities.

Reaching a Deal

Evolve provides end-to-end solutions for all requirements regarding company registration and company formation in Qatar. Whether you want to create a new company or just establish a Qatar-based subsidiary, we make the process simple, quick, and easy.


Our experienced team will assist you in every step so you can get started quickly. We will provide complete assistance to reduce the risks of business formation errors.

Setting Up Your Business In Qatar

As a one-stop solution, we offer comprehensive business formation services to start a new business in Qatar:

  • Legal Concierge and Consultation

  • Company Formation

  • Bank Account Opening

  • Providing Tax Declaration and Accounting Services

  • PRO Services

  • Translation Services

  • Web Design and Development Services

  • Residential And Work Visa

Types of Business Entities in Qatar:

Many businesses, services, and companies who intend to open a business in Qatar, must register with the government authorities. The most preferred options are the legal entities which are limited in liability with a local partner under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Following that the legal entities with or without a local partner under the Invest in Qatar, Qatar Financial Centre Authority and Qatar Free Zone Authority.


Apart from the above options: 

  • Limited Liability

  • General Partnership

  • Limited Share Partnership

  • Holding

  • Public Shareholding

  • Joint Venture

  • Branch Office

  • Commercial Agencies

  • Representative Trade Offices

  • Real Estate

Steps for Company Formation







Tax Card

Registration in General Tax Authority (Dhareeba)

Bank Documents

Why Evolve Qatar

12 Years in Business

200+ Satisfied Clients

100% Qatari Company

Deals with almost all Ministries and Government Authorities

Always stay compliant with government regulations

Step by step in follow up

Benefits of Company Formation in Qatar

Qatar has a well-developed business infrastructure

Qatar does not have an income tax on wages

Export revenue is exempt from tax.

Qatar's corporate tax rate can be as low as 10%

Foreign business owners can transfer profits to their country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to register a company in Qatar? The entire process will take a minimum of 7 working days. The application form for the Article of Association must be collected from the Ministry of Business and Trade office. Include the address of where the company is located and also Include terms and the purpose of the company.

How much does it cost to register a company? The process of setting up a company in Qatar varies depending on the business. Qatar's government generally requires that new businesses register for business starting by paying QR3000 (USD800). This amount can vary depending upon the type of business.

What are the requirements to open a new company? A registration application must be filed to register your Qatari company with the chamber of commerce. The appliance must be signed and dated by the corporate general manager. Local Company Registration: - Owner and Signature Authorized ID card copy - Name of company - Power of attorney - Register Phone Number of the owner of the company - A completion certificate or its substitute for the building that is to be licensed - Rental agreement form or its substitute - Rental Contract Foreigner New Company Registration for Individual: - Photocopy of Passport - Owner and Signature Authorized ID card copy - Certified Good Conduct Certificate issued by the inverter’s country residence - A Good Conduct Certificate is issued by the state of Qatar for Residents. - Seal/Stamp For Company - Study Plan (Project description, Financial Analysis, Management Study, and Project Implementation plan) - Documents should be attested from the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the embassy of Qatar Foreigner Company Branch Registration: - Certificate copy of memorandum and Articles of Association, Commercial registration, and trade license for companies operating outside the state of Qatar - Owner and Signature Authorized ID card copy - Photocopy of Passport - Study Plan for Branch Registration (Project description, Financial Analysis, Management Study, and Project Implementation plan) - Certified Good Conduct Certificate issued by the inverter’s country residence - Documents should be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Qatar

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