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PRO Services
in Qatar

Running a business in Qatar requires compliance with many procedures. Evolve can provide you with PRO services in Doha and across Qatar so that you can focus on other important things, such as growing your company, employees and managing your business operations. Get professional PRO services in Qatar to ensure the efficient and timely processing of applications and documents.

Our PRO Services Include Solutions to Help You Get:

Corporate PRO Services:

  • Commercial Registration

  • Municipality License

  • Changing Trade Name

  • Adding or canceling activities in CR

  • Partners in the CR

  • Trademark / Production Registration

  • Attestation services

Individual PRO Services:

  • Renewal of Qatar ID

  • Issue new work visa

  • Issue Labor Contract

  • Labor contract Attestation

  • Transfer of Sponsorship

Our Services In Qatar

  • Monthly PRO Service

  • Register or Renew Trade License

  • Experience in Labor Law

  • Work / Residential VISA requirements

  • Sponsor amendment

  • Bank Account assistant

  • Process Visa for Family Members

  • Translate Legal Documents

  • Promotion and Discount Approval

  • Yearly Tax Declaration

Office Employees



  • 5 services in ministry of labor.

  • 3 services in ministry of commerce

General Notes
  • In case of exceeding the package quota the requested services will be a subject to additional charges.

  • Please note that the subscription period is not less than 6 months

  • Prices are only for the service fees of Logistic W.L.L, any charges from the Ministry processes will be claimed against an invoice.

  • Renew of commercial register and trade license with approval

  • Cancellation the commercial register and trade license.

  • Cancellation the Computer Card and Tax Card

  • Renew the Computer Card and Tax Card

Services Range

Anchor 1

Ministry of Commerce and Industry: - Adding or deleting an authorized signatory - Adding or removing an activity - Amending the commercial registration data - Amending the details of the incorporation document - Renew commercial register and trade license - Renew commercial register and trade license with approval - Cancellation of the commercial register and trade license. - Amending the address data in the trade license - Changing the Managing Director - Reservation Name of the Company - Submittal of Promotion Request for Retail Product - Renew the Computer Card - Renew the Tax Card - Cancellation of the Computer Card - Cancellation of the Tax Card - Printing CR & Trading License - Obtaining approval from the Consumer Protection Authority for the policies and provisions of Companies

Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs: - Verification of Subcontract Between Company and Employee - Extend visa - Change Gender/Nationality on the ID or Visa - Obtaining Work Visa Under Sponsorship of a Family Member - Removing Blockage of Company - Verification of a contract between company and employee from the Ministry - Submit a visa application - Submit a request to transfer sponsorship - Request to cancel the QID - Request to Renew the QID

Ministry of Justice: - Signing purchase and sale contracts - Signing the amendment data - Obtaining signature authorization from MOJ

Ministry of Transport: - New License For Limousine - New License For Rent A Car - License For Transport Company

Ministry of foreign affairs: Attestation of: - Education Certificate - Marriage Certificate - Birth Certificate - Salary Certificate - Company Documents

Ministry of interior: - Resident Permit New - Resident permit Renew - Visa Process - Establishment ID - Return Permit - Change profession

Civil Defense: - Certificate Civil Defence - Firefighting company registration - Security alarm company registration - Firefighting products approval

To make sure we offer the best PRO service in Qatar, each account is assigned a dedicated manager. The goal of this manager is to be attentive to the client's needs and provide them with the services they need in a timely manner. This ensures that we don't accumulate additional costs and deliver faster PRO services. Clients will also have a dedicated contact point who can provide regular updates on progress, which increases their security and provides peace of mind.

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